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Get to the point !


Hello all, this will be my first blog and I hope I can keep things interesting for you guys. The purpose of this blog is to help introduce acupuncture to a wider audience and shed light on  some common misconceptions that I see from general practice.  Over the coming weeks we will be going over interesting cases that I have treated successfully with acupuncture.

At the beginning of the month we will introduce a new pathology and talk about its etiology and how it is commonly treated. The following weeks we will delve a little deeper into the disease explaining its western diagnosis, its common presentations, how it is treated in both an allopathic setting as well as a traditional approach. We will conclude the month with a clinical case study and have a short discussion.

It is my hope that I can inform my patients about the merits of Acupuncture. I hope you guys join me in the weeks ahead so I can get to the point. 





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