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Amy L.

I started going to Dr. Winson Chen’s office two years ago due work anxiety and strained back and neck pain from desk job and bad posture. It is always relaxing and revitalizing after every visit to Dr. Winson Chen office. Dr. Winson Chen helped relieved me from my back and neck pain. I had around 4-5 sessions with Dr. Winson Chen. It was very effective an efficient. I love how informative he was. I would definitely recommend him.

Recently, my grandma fell down the stairs and had persistent aching pain from her lower back all the way down her left leg. She’s 83 years old and been to several doctors to try to resolve this aching pain that’s causing her difficulties with walking and sitting. She finally told us about it and I referred her to Dr. Chen. She felt a lot better after the first session. She’s looking forward to more sessions with Dr. Chen so that she can have a speedy recovery. If you’re reading this review and if you’re have reoccurring pain and aching pain anywhere or know of someone that could use the help, I would definitely recommend Dr. Winson Chen.

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