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Charisse L.

I was having wierd painful spasms in my right lower back area and above the buttocks and it would happen everytime I would get up from sitting down. One week into it I went to see my Chiropractor to get it checked, but after a couple visits (2 weeks) it still wasn’t healing and my Chiropractor recommended an xray – and asked me if I was open to acupuncture.

I have never been to one in my life, but was definitely open to it, and so I saw Dr. Winson Chen immediately to get my treatment started. Dr.Chen has a sense of humor, we Chit chat before we get started and assured me that things will be better. It also helps me set my mind to healing.

Everything is sanitized and clean, so that gives me comfort too. The needles didn’t feel painful at all, and the most I felt was a warm current when he would go deeper. There’s relaxing music in the room usually and I stay there for about 20-30mins and he checks in with me from time to time.

When I am laying there I meditate and pray and imagine that my pain is going away. I keep my body relaxed and light. As a Nutritional Therapist, having a mind-body connection is important for overall wellness. I wanted each session to be a healing connection.

Within 3-4 sessions my spasms were diminished and I was able to do more light walking! And as I kept improving I am now able to do some jump rope workouts! I follow his home care advise – to put heat pads on the area of concern, and I do,

I am currently on my 4th month and I could say that I am 95% healed (I was consistent) and my painful spasms never cane back. I am on my way to 100%!!! Truly amazed with this alternative treatment and would highly recommend Dr.Winson Chen to anyone!

Thank you Dr.Chen for helping me!

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