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Dennis C.

Last year I developed a pinched nerve in my back that utterly debilitated me. I could barely move with pain that often reached a 9. I tried every type of treatment including Chiro, Physical Therapy, heavy duty pain meds and nothing helped. I finally realized that only his treatments were helping me so I focused entirely on seeing him. Over the next couple of months I went from being barely able to walk and in constant pain to the pain being gone and me being able to move freely and start strengthening my core to prevent this from happening again. As that issue abated, I started mentioning other issues I have had including neck pain I have had for years, a painful hip, bursitis in my heel, a sore shoulder, and probably more I have forgotten,  and one by one Dr. Chen started minimizing or fully eliminating each one. Now, at 63 years old, and having lived a pretty active life, I feel amazing and the pains I accepted as just part of getting older, are all but gone and I feel great. Thanks for giving me my life back, Dr. Chen! (Oh, and he is pretty cool dude too!)

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