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Sliu L.

I was originally not a believer in acupuncture but my parents swore by Dr. Chen’s healing powers. They drove from Antioch to Morgan Hill just to see him. 2 1/2 years ago, when my daughter had trouble getting past post concussion syndromes, we decided to give him a try. We are so glad we finally visited Dr. Chen. We now

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Jason C.

I’m a middle aged large man who has nagging elbow pain from years of lifting recklessly. I am typically a western medicine kind of person and while I was open to acupuncture treatment, I was not optimistic that it would help. I tried a few acupuncturists prior to seeing Winson Chen. The prior experiences weren’t bad, but I felt that

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Johnny T.

Amazing pain relief! My lower back, waist (sciatica), shoulder, and neck repair.
Recovery well on the way and great availability.

Cheri B.

Dr.Chen is a effective acupuncturist. He is calm and reassuring, constantly reminding you it’s going to be ok. (Not everyone likes needles)

Dr. Chen was able to help with my back pain. He is forthright about what he can and cannot improve ( no acupuncture facelifts here LOL) and he can help you in a few short visits.

1(408) 779-1634