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Ula Z.

Dr. Winson Chen and his staff have been a game changer for me.

Having multiple rare chronic conditions, management of my health is often a tricky and heavy burden.

Upon being referred to Winson, after a lengthy hospitalisation, he has worked with me on a regular basis to maintain my health, improve my symptoms and lessen my pain. He is a kind, empathic and knowledgeable practitioner who has a fantastic breadth of knowledge, scaling both eastern and western medicine.

His staff are wonderful, friendly and understanding. They are always informative of anything I should know, and I never have to wait more than a few minutes on arrival for my appointment.

Winson has been key to my health and recovery!

Disabled accessibility to the clinic is pretty good, with multiple mobility parking spaces at the side of the building and a ramp to the door. Wheel chair access inside is a little cramped, but they have always made accommodations and will do everything they can to assist on request.

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